15 Ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria With Little Or No Capital (2019)

There has been no better time to make money on the internet than now. With internet penetration increasing every day, the number of people you can engage with online is at an all-time high. Google and Facebook are constantly looking for ways to get more people in Africa online. With initiatives like Facebook’s IXPs and Google’s investment in undersea cables, more Africans and Nigerians are getting connected. If you’re looking to make some money on the side or start a new revenue stream for yourself, there are many ways to do it online, this isn’t news. Some activities or business opportunities are more lucrative than others. It could be something you’re already interested in but you don’t know its value online. First of all, you have to remember that all of these ways to make money online in Nigeria will require time and dedication on your part.

15 Ways to make money online in Nigeria

1. Start selling online

One of the major ways to make money online in Nigeria is through eCommerce. Nevertheless, it is a very populated source of revenue for many people. The thing you haven’t thought about is that you can take a completely different approach. You don’t have to sell the same thing everyone else sells. That product idea you have can become a valid business and guess what, eCommerce sites are a very pocket-friendly way to get your products out.

e-commerce business Nigeria China

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2. Niche blogging

Blogging is not dead. Yes, a lot of people post blog posts constantly nowadays, but when you blog about something specific, you separate yourself from the crowd. Niche blogging is picking a subject matter to blog about. The key thing here is to come from a unique and separate angle. For example, if you love fashion and you think that there are too many fashion blogs already. Depending on whether you found your love for fashion in the ’80s or the ’90s, you can blog about how the fashion trends of that period have influenced today’s trends. With a bit of research, you can forecast which ones will influence trends of the future. A lot of people might just appreciate it.

blogging -make money in Nigeria

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3. Online Tutorials

Another solid way to make money online in Nigeria by teaching online. If you have a good bit of knowledge on a particular subject and you have a knack for teaching, this might be your time to shine. You can sign up and create courses on Udemy, Skillshare and Teachable. For every student that enrols, you get paid.  It’s a good way to make money and you would be impacting lives. Tutorials can also be uploaded on websites like udemy.com, edx.com, alison.com. lynda.com, coursera.org and many more

online tutorials make money in nigeria

4. Sell Arts&Crafts on Etsy

Esty has become one of the global leaders for selling topnotch artworks and crafts-works. it could be your passion to create aesthetic crafts and artworks or you just know someone or people who do. Etsy gets up to 30 million views on a monthly basis.  Your artworks, crafts and vintage items could be worth a lot of money. You just have to bet in on the right platform for people to appreciate it. Visit etsy.com today to get started.

etsy.com make money in nigeria

5. Sell Pictures

One way to make money online in Nigeria that has been taken for granted is selling pictures online. The photos you take for your portfolio or the photos you just haven’t sold yet could be worth some money online. Sites like Shutterstock and IstockPhoto are willing to pay for high-quality pictures. Get your pictures online and you could have just have found an additional revenue stream for yourself.

photographer - Make money online

6. Manage Social Media Accounts

If you have digital marketing skills, there are a lot of small businesses that are willing to pay you to handle their accounts. if you are not too vast in the area, you can take a digital marketing course and get the skills you need.

social media - make money online

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7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another fairly relaxed way to make money online in Nigeria. You can easily work from home. Just by simply referring customers to businesses online, you can get paid. You can learn more about affiliate marketing here.Affiliate marketing - make money online

Affiliate marketing - make money online in Nigeria


8. Sell Financial Products Online

You can get a commission from financial service providers when you send them leads. Your role would that of an online agent. The focus would be for you to send them leads online, if any of these leads finally buys one of their products like insurance or loans, you get paid.

SME Accounting Records - make money online in nigeria

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9. Start Freelance Writing

If you have a knack for writing, you can also make money online in Nigeria by writing for various publications online. They could range from blogs to websites and so on. Websites like upwork.com, freelancer.com. fiverr.com and many more are marketplaces for freelance writing. May online platforms in Nigeria also seek writers on a daily basisfreelance writing - make money online in Nigeria

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10.  Create a Youtube Channel

Having a Youtube channel can also be lucrative if you’re looking to an alternate source of income. Youtube has a large audience, with about 5 billion daily views. The potential is fairly obvious if you can post videos that people find interesting. Generally creating enjoyable and shareable videos on any platform can be beneficial. This extends even beyond Youtube, once you have an idea of the kind of videos you want to upload, you just need basic editing skills which you can also learn on Youtube interestingly enough. Get started now on youtube.com

YouTube channel - make money online


11. Vlogs

Vlogging is also associated with Youtube channels. Although it also extends beyond Youtube. You essentially have to post videos of routine things. Things that interest you and that others may find interesting. Your posts have to be consistent and in line with the expectations, your viewers have of you. Essentially when you start posting videos on a particular area, be sure to stick with related topics. Creating  videos for social media platforms like Instagram, Vimeo and many more


12. product reviews

With people having to make buying decisions on a daily basis, a lot of people appreciate a good review of a product before they go ahead to buy it. You just have to buy or get access to a product, critically examine it and tell people what you think about it.

 product reviews - make money online in Nigeria

13. Comedy Videos

There is a big market for comedic content online these days. Even if you don’t the ability to act funny or tell jokes you can still create good content. Writing funny thoughts down can turn into a script and you can collaborate with people who can be in your video. Once you have a consistent audience for your videos, you have a business.


14. Forex Trading

Forex trading can be very lucrative when you take time out to familiarize yourself with it. Trading in currency has become widely popular over the years and with the emergence of online trading, more people are getting involved. It used to be that only a select few viewed it as a money-making opportunity due to its complexity. The perception has since changed and you can also get started if you can take the time out to gather as much information as possible. It is also important to start small and work your way onto larger amounts as you go along.

Forex trading - make money online in Nigeria

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15. Remote Jobs

Companies from all over the world sometimes look for employees who can work from anywhere. This kind of job affords you the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home. The upside is clearly evident, seeing as you would be able to submit your assignments and attend meetings online. However, most remote jobs require a specific skillset, mostly in front-end, back-end development, customer service and others.


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