3 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start And Make Over N50,000 Per Month

6 lucrative businesses to start

Are you in search of lucrative businesses you can start? Do you want to invest your money in a profitable venture that will yield reasonable profits in the coming year? Do you have only a few thousands to spare? If yes, you can go ahead to establish a successful small business that will blossom into something bigger.

In Nigeria, so many people are in search of lucrative business and entrepreneurship opportunities they can tap into. For many, it’s a common belief that to start a lucrative business in the country they will need thousands and thousands of naira. Fortunately, this is not the case. With as little as under N50,000 naira, one can start these 3 lucrative businesses. 

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3 lucrative Businesses to Start With Little Money In Nigeria

Day Care Center

If you’re passionate about taking care of kids and helping them grow, you can use a ventilated room in your house for a mini daycare centre. This is a lucrative business idea because you don’t need a big space. You can start small by accepting three to four kids. Create a good sleeping area, buy wonderful and fun toys, get baby food and feeding equipment, and generate creative ideas to keep them mentally fit.

The best thing about this business is profits start when you accept kids. Try to convince working-class parents and guardians who have tight schedules. Moreover, make sure you have enough space for the number of kids you wish to take care of. Also, make sure you keep the kids happy and well-fed. Once working parents are satisfied with your services, you’ll get positive referrals and tips.

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Agric Exports

Nigeria is blessed with a good number of natural resources and agricultural products, If you want to make money, you can export agricultural products from one part of the country to the other or outside the country. How do you begin with exportation? The first thing to do is to register with the Export Promotion Council of Nigeria. You should also select the product you wish to export. Products like cassava flakes, cocoa, yam flour, groundnut, chilli pepper, mango, are in high demand. You can also sell and resell palm oil.

6 lucrative businesses to start

Sewing of Uniforms

If you’re skilled in tailoring and designing you can focus on making custom wears like uniforms. Nigeria has thousands of schools and millions of school children who need uniforms. You can make a contract with a nearby school. An agreement will give you the monopoly of making uniforms for students. You can also make uniforms for military men. This is quite lucrative especially for those who are just starting their tailoring journey.

Well, there are so many businesses you can start with little money. However, consider your skillset, location and cash at hand before you make a decision.

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