How to Start a Personal Shopper Business With N100,000

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Just as the name implies, a personal shopper is someone who gets paid to help another individual purchase goods. This is carried out successfully either by accompanying the person paying for the service while shopping, or simply by shopping on the person’s behalf. A personal shopper also gets paid to give relevant and honest shopping advice and suggestions.

Now, although people may think that the term personal shopper is only associated with the fashion industry, the service goes beyond that. It encompasses several types of shopping, including groceries and food items. In fact, your experience and interests can help you decide what personal shopping niche. Also, you don’t need a degree to become a personal shopper. 

Let’s get started. Here’s how to become a personal shopper in Nigeria with N100,000.

  1. Choose a niche: This is the first and vital step to take when you decide to start a personal shopper business. Know that professional personal shoppers are not only limited to the fashion industry. Some personal shoppers help the elderly or other busy people to shop for groceries, provisions or foodstuffs. Besides, if you’re looking into the fashion industry, there are areas of specialization. You can focus on shoes, men or women casuals, business wars, bags, accessories, and many more.
  2. Determine your target market and rates: If you’re going for any area in the fashion industry, celebrities should be your target audience. However, if you’re opting for grocery shopping or food items, the elderly people should be your target clients. You can also target nursing moms and working-class individuals. At this point, you should also set a rate for your services. Decide if you want to be paid hourly or after you’ve completely offered the service. Regardless, note that your rate should be flexible. It should also depend on the complexity of the service you offer,
  3. Training and experience: Budding fashion personal shoppers should follow trends in blogs, social media and magazines. Shoppers should also do well to visit shops and online stores to select quality product, confirm availability and choose a great price. You can also seek internships with established personal shoppers and other fashion outfits like design and magazine houses. You can also gain experience in working for family and friends so you’ll have a valid portfolio.
  4. Branding and advertising your services: In this business, you’ll need to establish a strong online presence. This can be achieved with the aid of a website, and social media accounts. You should also attend fashion industry events and utilize a network of family and friends to spread the world.

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Costs of starting a ‘personal shopper’ business

The costs associated with establishing a personal shopper business varies according to the niche and the level at which you want to start. For grocery shopping, N50,000 will do. A part of this amount will also cover social media ads and fliers. For fashion items, N100,000 will be a great start, especially because you have to build a great portfolio via a fantastic website. The reason why this business can be established with as little as N50,000 is that you can start working from home, and with a simple phone call or mail chat, you can interact with your clients. Besides, the money that you’ll need to purchase items for your first batch of the client, you’ll need to get a well-designed website and run social media campaigns. Traditional advertising may also work.

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