These 5 Business Trends Can Improve Your Performance

business trends potential customers consumer data

Business trends and the spectrum of doing business is constantly changing. The age of businesses doing things the same way year after year is long gone. Successful businesses focus so much on customers now more than ever before. And with that, tweaks and adjustments are made from time to time to meet the demands of the business climate. 2019 has been another interesting year and businesses have had to change a few things to maintain steady business growth. Any business that is not willing to adapt to the changing climate will most likely not survive. Taking that into consideration, these business trends can help you improve your company’s performance and increase your chances for success.


Data Protection

Due to the incredible ease of access to information, customers are aware that businesses collect their data. Over time, businesses have become used to purchasing consumer data to use in their marketing campaigns. Such practices are quickly turning into a waste of time. Majority of purchased data have proven to less than reliable. Digital marketing is the go-to channel of marketing for most companies now. Because of this there is no denying that companies need consumer data. The best way to go about this is quite simply to ask them for it. Most potential customers will demand that you tell them your reason for collecting their information and if they were to opt-in, you can proceed to use the data.


The Attractiveness of Personalization

More customers appreciate and even prefer personalised services. Companies like Amazon and Jumia have adopted this business trend. They have seamlessly incorporated it into their operations. Customers get suggestions tailored to their preferences and past purchases. This, in some way, connects with the customer and with multiple options available to every consumer, any effort that can persuade them to stay with your business should be made.



business trends potential customers consumer data

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Alternative Fund Sourcing

More companies are realising that applying for loans every time there is a need for funds is not a sustainable way to run a business. There are a lot of options for sourcing funds around now. Before resorting to applying for a loan, you should have exhausted every other option available to you. The interests rates on investments and loans from alternative initiatives and schemes are usually more lenient.

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Subscription Services

Subscription services are another business trend that is surprisingly more popular than ever. Consumers appreciate the comfort of having products they use regularly, come to them. If your product is something a customer could use regularly, you could suggest a subscription package where they get their products regularly. This also helps both you and the customer simultaneously. Your cash flow can easily be calculated if you have a few of these packages as revenue.


Comprehensive Online Information

A lot of sales are made now just from having comprehensive information online. Almost all inquiries on products and services begin with an online search. You want to potential customers to be able to find everything there is to know about your business once they search online. Optimizing your website is also a good way to go. Try to make sure there is an adequate amount of content on your website. You should have a complete list of information on your services, promotions and special offers. This way the consumer is well informed and the buying decision much easier.


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