5 Businesses You Can Do To Make Quick Money This Christmas

Christmas Businesses Money

Have you ever thought of having a very positive account statement after all the festivities and celebrations of Christmas? In most places across Nigeria, you can almost literally hear the buzz when you walk outside. Things are changing and people are making plans. Planning to travel, planning end of the year parties and so on. The most notable thing is that there is a lot of spending going on when Christmas comes around. People are deal happy, in that there so many deals offered on Christmas and meanwhile everything that is particular to the season, sells just a little bit more. If you have thought about getting in on the action, then you are in the right place. We will share 5 businesses you can get into right away and start making money while the Christmas market is still ripe.

  1. Decorations And Supplies: There are a few things that are sure in the world and one of them is that there are a lot of decorations thrown up in December. The decoration and supply business is a good business to get into. The main thing here is that you get a place to buy these supplies in bulk. Once you have secured this, you can offer these supplies at additional prices so you can make a profit. From Christmas trees to lights and ornaments, there is always a demand for these items when Christmas rolls around. Another good thing is your customer base is very wide. People make use of them in their homes, offices, churches and even in the community.
  2. Poultry Meats: Going into the poultry business is also a good idea if you are looking to make extra money. With good promotion and a good supplier, you can be in business in no time. Chicken and Turkey are usually best-sellers during this period. Sourcing from a farm would do you the best because you’ll get the best profit margins. You just need a good place to store them and you can start offering them up for sale. Christmas Businesses Money
  3. Special Christmas Meals: Offices, Homes and Events. These are places that could do with catering services. There are usually end of the year parties taking place around this time so you can also easily plug into that market. You also don’t require so much investment because you can request for a down payment once you receive an order. You can use this to get the supplies you need and when the job is done you can get your full payment.
  4. Cakes & Gift Baskets: People love getting gifts and people love the satisfaction of making someone happy with a gift. You can become the middle man that takes care of this need. A good gift basket requires some thought so getting information on the receiver of the gift basket would do you good, this way you can gauge the items that the person may like. The same goes for cakes, know the purpose and design accordingly, The best thing for return business is getting compliments on your cakes and gift items.
  5. Fashion: As a kid, there is already preset excitement when Christmas comes around. There is an expectation of gifts and clothes alike. This is why children’s clothing items are also a good market to plug into. You can get these clothes in large quantity at subsidized prices and sell them for profit. You can also offer special deals on adult clothing items.

Lights, Fireworks, Music and Food are synonymous with the season, imagine how much better it will be with business and money in the mix. Let us know which of these businesses you prefer and any other ones not mentioned.

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