5 Tips On How To Get Online Reviews and Builld Customer Trust

Online Reviews help build customer trust

Online Reviews help build customer trust


Humans are highly impressionable, this is just the way most are wired. One of the fastest ways to gain customer trust is from online reviews. People are more likely to make a purchase if they know someone else has made that purchase, especially online. Online reviews are very good for business and getting positive reviews can only improve your business. There is an element of trust that comes in when someone attests to the quality of a particular product and that is why it is highly recommended that your business collects and displays reviews from customers.

Getting reviews is an active process. Most people are not really motivated to leave reviews so you may need to intentionally make efforts to help this along. These are some tips to help you get positive reviews and build customer trust.


Create A Facebook and Google My Business Page

Your website should be as interactive as possible so people can connect with you easily. Linking your website to your Google My Business Page is a good way to get reviews. Even if your business operates mostly out of a brick and mortar store, a business page is still your friend. Before your new customers visit your store, most of them are likely to google your business, and it helps build trust if there are positive reviews there. It also helps if you work with other businesses as it facilitates smoother deals if your information is available from a single search.


Offer Incentives For Reviews

Averagely, people might be reluctant to leave reviews after they have purchased one of your products. You can motivate them to do so by offering little incentives for each review. For example. you can give every customer a 5-10% discount on subsequent purchases if they leave a review. Sending the customer an email after the purchase can be a great way to facilitate this.

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Make it a Point To Respond To Reviews

Once you start getting reviews or if you have already been receiving reviews, you should try as much as possible to respond to every review you get. This helps you build a relationship with your customers. Every time you reply a review, the customer gets a notification, this plays up the feeling of appreciation. It also encourages new customers to leave their own reviews. Whether positive or negative, you have to make sure to reply. This is not discounting how much work it would be in the long run, but it is bound to pay off.


Online Review Customer trust


Share Positive Reviews

Sharing positive reviews is a very good way to grow your business. A lot of people make purchases as a result of reviews and testimonials that they come across. Sharing positive reviews is not limited to your website alone. You can also add them to your marketing communications. Reviews of your business are powerful enough to star as content across social media platforms as well. Be sure to embed them in the emails you send also, it helps build up your company’s reputation and overall perception.

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Provide Solutions to Negative Reviews

This is something a lot of business owners don’t pay enough attention to. You should always address negative reviews in a bid to fix them. Your customer should feel like the complaint made has been attended to. This goes a long way to humanize your company and it resonates with a lot of people. You should also ensure that the customer is aware of the efforts you are making to resolve the issue. This not only helps you secure the customer for repeat business, but it also lets new customers know that they will be well taken care of.


In this age and time, customer satisfaction can make or break your business, this is why reviews are so important. They help you understand how your customers see your company and products. This system strengthens customer trust and helps grow your business.

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