6 Remote Jobs You Can Do In Nigeria and Earn in Dollars

Remote Jobs In Nigeria

Want to Earn Money in Dollars? These 6 Remote Jobs Will Help You.

If you’re tired of your regular 9-5 job or you want to try something different you can sign up for a remote job. It’s a great way to earn extra cash in the comfort of your home. You also earn money on an hourly basis or according to the number of tasks you perform. 

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Know that remote jobs that pay in dollars are not get-rich-quick opportunities, you will have to work hard to hit the ground running. You may get paid less at first, but as you build your portfolio you can earn more and attract more clients. Here are 6 remote jobs you can do to earn dollars. Remote Jobs In Nigeria

1.  Virtual Assistant: Nowadays, companies like to outsource work because they can’t afford to hire someone on a full-time basis. It’s quite easy to bag a virtual assistant job. You get the gig with any skill. Most times your employer needs you to have administrative skills. To get a VA gig, you can visit Sites like Upwork or Zirtual. Benefits range from $10 per hour to $100. You can even earn more if you have some web-related or marketing skills.

2. Online Data Entry: Another remote job that affords you dollars is online data entry. Recently, many insurance companies and travel businesses hire people remotely to input data for their businesses. Best believe you don’t need prior experience to get this remote job. Dedicated websites like Upwork and post remote data entry jobs.


3. Freelance Writing: If you’re good at writing, you can earn a lot from doing freelance writing. However, it is more technical. In freelance writing, you have to improve your skills, create a strong portfolio, and look for remote writing gigs. Once you have all these you can begin to earn in dollars. However, becoming an established freelance writer needs persistence. You can secure remote writing gigs on Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer.

4. Affiliate Marketer: Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money via referral marketing through a commission. How does this work? if you have a website you can refer a product on Amazon. When a visitor clicks the affiliate link and buys such products, Amazon pays you a per cent.

5. Online Translator: With a website known as Proz.com you can get paid in dollars to translate conversations and documents. You can opt for a language you’re good at. Languages available include German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Arabic. You’ll earn more if you can translate legal and medical documents

6. Graphic Designer: Another lucrative remote job is graphic designing. Many businesses are in need of great graphic content and they need experienced individuals to design their logos, and websites. The level of your skill determines how much you earn. Upwork, Remote.com, Fiverr and other freelance platforms can help you secure a remote graphic design gig. You can also build a global website that can attract brands.

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