6 Top Strategies For B2B Digital Marketing In Nigeria

B2B Marketing Nigeria

B2B Marketing has always been unique, there are still some practices that companies have stood for so many years now but most of them are not as effective as they used to be. With technology constantly evolving and changing the way information reaches people, B2B marketing has shifted heavily towards digital marketing. A lot of companies who sell to other businesses now incorporate B2B digital marketing heavily, into their marketing efforts. The increased number of information outlets has made it more effective and if you are looking for easily implementable strategies for your campaigns, you are in the right place.

There are many B2B marketing strategies you can adopt but there are a few that have been tested and have proven very effective over time.

There are many B2B marketing strategies you can adopt but there are a few that… Click to Tweet

B2B digital marketing, especially social media marketing can facilitate business growth


You might be thinking, “well having a website is generic”. Most companies have websites, but only a few use their websites to their full potential. Your company website should not just be a place where you put up information about your business in hopes that people find and patronize you. Your website has to become a resource for anybody in your industry. People should be able to go your website and find useful industry information whether they are your customers or not. This way, your company becomes a trusted voice in your industry and then you can get leads that turn into customers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that your website is up. Remember that your business has to be like a living, breathing organism. Your website should be attractive and informative enough for people to interact with. With that in mind, you have to get people to visit your website. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO is the skilful use of search engines to direct traffic to your website. The technology takes in the words and phrases that people search and directs them to different websites related to the search. The aim here is for your website to come up when people search for things related to your product or service. You will need to read more on SEO or better still, get an expert to help optimize your website. Professionals can advise you on what the best words are and the best strategies to use.

Seamless Integration

Your online strategies can begin to give you results in no time but you don’t want to forget traditional methods altogether. Potential customers should be able to reach you any way possible and offline communication makes a lot of people more comfortable. When you have structures like excellent customer service in place paired with your online reach, your marketing efforts are well rounded.


B2B digital marketing, especially social media marketing can facilitate business growth

Content Marketing

Content marketing has proved very effective for a lot of businesses. The goal here is to inform, entertain or just generally interact with your potential customers and indeed industry stakeholders through content, like blog posts, podcasts and videos. Again this helps your company gain the trust of a lot of people. You are able to get leads from these and some of them could be converted into actuals customers. The first thing to consider is whether the content would be useful to the people you want to attract. If you find that a particular type of content is indeed useful, then publicizing it creates value for you.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media has become one of the top destinations for marketers and marketing efforts. People are more likely to interact with your business more freely on social media. The goal here is to establish a good enough social media presence that people look to you for anything related to your industry. Now every social media platform has its unique features. To be effective on any of them, your communications have to be tailored to suit the features. Social media is a good place to encourage referrals, sharing and testimonials. You should try to encourage people to share their interactions with others who might find it interesting.

Specific Targeting

The emergence of the internet and in turn social media has brought with it definitive targeting. You are able to optimize your communication and general marketing campaigns. Google ads give you this type of definite targetting as well as social media platforms. There has been no better time for B2B digital marketing and it could only get better with new technology coming out. This type of targeting also helps you spend your money where it would be most effective. You can conveniently tell how many people will interact with your campaign. You can also tell what the frequency will be and calculate the success rate.


Digital marketing is an exciting, ever-evolving marketing outlet and your business can benefit greatly if it is done correctly. The best approach is to start with each of these strategies on small scales and calculate the success of each one. This way you are able to fine-tune the best approach for your business without having spent so much money.

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