7 Side Hustles You Can Run to Generate Extra Income in 2020

Side Hustle 2020 income

For some, income gotten from their daily 9-5 jobs might not be able to give them enough money to cover their expenses. If you fall into this category or you have free time on your hands during the weekends or one or two weekdays, you can opt for a side hustle. Most side hustles can be fun. You can turn your hobby into a money-making machine in 2020. Here are some notable side hustles you can earn extra income from:

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  1. T-shirt Printing: Many have earned extra income for printing on T-Shirts. This side hustle is especially lucrative for people who work in organizations. Your 9-5 job may have a seminar that needs uniformity, and if you’re good at this you’ll be the one they’ll patronize. Your coworkers and friends can also pay for your services. Best believe, weekends are perfect from printing on hundreds of T-shirts. Before you start a t-shirt printing business, you have to map out a target audience. Besides your colleagues at work, your business will make money if it has customers in universities, churches and even secondary schools. The best thing about taking up this business as a side hustle is that rather than purchasing printing machines for your use, you can outsource to seasoned printers.
  1. Freelance Writing: Are you a skilled writer? Can you create conversational content for an online audience? If yes, freelance writing may just be the job for you. The demand for online content is growing sporadically. Website owners, businesses and bloggers need good written articles and blog posts for their digital platforms. Start by training yourself, then build a portfolio before you start to source for writing gigs. Platforms like Upwork, Remote.co, Indeed, Jobberman, Fiverr and many more posts online writing jobs.

  1. Makeup Artistry: This is arguably one of the most popular side-hustles in the country. If you’ve taken the time to develop your skills, make sure you capitalize on your location to make money. Before you begin to offer services, do well to perfect your skills. No one will refer a makeup artist that does a shoddy job. Train before you spread the word about your expertise. You do not need a shop, to begin with. You can offer home service to co-workers, colleagues and friends. Moreover, you can sell makeup products. A part-time makeup artist can make up to N5,000 per weekends. side hustles extra income 2020 side hustle
  1. Selling Fashion Items: One effective and sustainable way to make money in 2020 is to sell affordable clothing items. Your coworkers, family and friends will need to upgrade their clothes and shoes. You can also use the power of social media to spread the word and deliver fashion items for clients during weekends. In a month, you can rack up additional N10,000 if you meet the demands of your customers. Also Read: How To Start a Dropshipping Business and Make N15,000 A Day
  1. Weekend Laundry Service: Laundry business requires less capital and investment. You only need a few types of equipment to kick start the business and the profit margin is significant. If you already have a generator and a washing machine, you can start your laundry business with about N10,000. If not, you have to get a generator. N10,000 can secure 2-3 dry and steam irons, detergents and ironing board. A washing machine is not compulsory except you’ll be taking large orders. Since its a side hustle, you can accept jobs during the weekend. If you charge N500 per shirt, you can make N5,000 in one Saturday if you work on ten shirts. You can also charge above N500.
  1. Blogging: Blogging and the monetization of blogs is increasingly lucrative. All you need do is to create a blog or website with great and catchy content. You can monetize with adverts. In this case, signup for Google Adsense program or engage in affiliate marketing and give room for sponsored posts and ads. Once you have a good number of followers, you can acquire blog sponsors or sell products on your platform. Be sure to carry out extensive research of the blogging scene before you decide to start business blogging.
  1. Data Entry: The good thing about data entry as a side job is that you need limited or no training to begin. You don’t need any specific professional or educational background. You can work anytime, especially if you have access to the internet. Dedicated websites like Upwork and post remote data entry jobs.

Need to generate extra income in 2020? Why not try out these side jobs.

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