7 Things to Sell During Christmas in Nigeria (2019)

Christmas Sales selling Nigeria

In Nigeria, Christmas is the biggest holiday. Everyone wants to buy something new, prepare for a grand cooking fest and send gift items to loved ones. However, Christmas is also one of the best times to make money. The following are the most lucrative items to sell during the Christmas period. 

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  1. Clothes: As a Nigerian, you should know the importance of clothes during this season. Parents are out to get new clothes for their children. Even the older ones are out to look good for all their holiday outings and church activities. So, why not open a clothing store with clothes, shoes and other fashion items this season?
  2. Christmas Decors: You can make thousands of naira and even more from selling Christmas decorations. You can supply decors to homes, churches, offices and big corporations. You can even profit more if you have a team that can install decorations in these places. Some popular decor items for Christmas include Christmas lights, garlands, Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments, tinsel, and so on.
  3. Poultry/Chicken: There’s no Christmas without chickens in Nigeria. Having one or more chicken for Christmas is like a rule of thumb in most Nigerian homes. You can start with a sizeable number of chickens as you spread the word to your family and friends. As a poultry operator, social media will do you a lot of good this season. Get a store and spread the word via online platforms!

    Christmas Sales selling Nigeria
    Holiday price tag sale as a Christmas sales retail promotion concept as a boxing day or new year special discount symbol as a 3D illustration.
  4. Gift Items: Christmas gifts never go out of season. This is because it is the season of love and people extend their kindness to family, friends and even the less privileged. You can start selling items like greeting cards, clothes, books, Christmas costumes, hamper packs, Bibles and many more. You can also sell end of the year souvenirs for business owners.
  5. Drinks: Many homes and offices have Christmas parties and celebrations. And no party is ever complete without drinks. You can supply drinks to homes, schools, and establishments that will need them during Christmas time. Since you’ll be buying and supplying in bulk, profit is guaranteed.
  6. Kitchen Utensils: Lots of cooking are done during this period. Moreover, this is the best time for a kitchen upgrade. From a large portion of Jollof to salads, pepper soup and fried chicken the right utensils are required. Items such as pots, spoons, knives, whisks, ladles, slicers and many more are quite lucrative during this season.
  7. Travelling Bags: During Christmas, families usually travel to their hometowns. Students also leave school to their homes in different parts of the country. Because of the need for new, durable and sizeable travelling bags, the need for travelling bags increases during this season. So, you can buy travel bags and sell this Christmas period.

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There you have it! If you’re business inclined or in need of extra cash, why not sell one or more of these items during Christmas?

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