4 Business Strategies You Can Learn From DonJazzy

Donjazzy Business Strategies

Micheal Collins Ajereh or DonJazzy as he is popularly known has become somewhat of a business mogul in his own right. He along with key collaborators built what went on to become one of the biggest record labels in Africa. Ha has also been influential in launching and sustaining the careers of some of the most successful artists out of Africa, artists like, D’banj, Tiwa Savage, Wande Coal and a lot more. One very interesting thing about the Music Entrepreneur is that he has managed to stay at the top of his game even until this time. A lot of music acts and professionals that came out in the early 2000s have not maintained the same level of relevance in the highly volatile music industry. 

We looked at some of the key things that DonJazzy has done that have kept him atop Nigeria and Africa’s list of music executives. After getting some insight into his universal techniques, we realized that they could be applied to virtually any business to facilitate success. These are 4 ways you too can do business like DonJazzy.

1. Be Very Competent In Something Timely: DonJazzy was reportedly already playing the drums at the age of 4 and could play the guitar at the age of 12. His skills were timely enough to get him invited to London to play at his uncle’s church. In this digital golden era, it is easier to learn new skills than ever before. Granted, some of these skills may require some payment or practicals offline, but a majority of these timely skills can be learned online free of charge. Whatever industry you want to enter, go online and look for lessons suited to that industry. This will give you a much-needed edge when an opportunity comes knocking.

2. Hire For Commitment Rather Than Talent Alone: A lot of times people don’t realize that the best place to look for people to work with could be from within your circle. DonJazzy started his ventures with his friends and family. This turned out to be a winning team because they all fought hard for the success of the business. There definitely would have been more talented artists to work with but DonJazzy chose the likes of D’banj, his brother D’Prince and others. These guys were not the best musically but their commitment to the cause was unmatched. Look for people who will work tirelessly with you and train them or pay for them to be trained later. 

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Donjazzy Business Strategies

3. Complement The Talent: DonJazzy is famous for producing the majority of the works of the MO HITS crew and then later Mavin Records. This aspect of business can be of great value. Top class management skills will help you to the harbour and get the best out of your co-workers or collaborators.

4. Connect With Your Industry: DonJazzy is also known for being a stand out voice in the music industry. He is always in the mix of the highest levels of artists and industry bigwigs. He has also leveraged this reputation into helping his own artists. Networking in business can be priceless. The people you know in your industry can help you fast track your efforts and grow your business. You can get invaluable advice on how to improve your operations and where to get funding when you need it. A good place to start is going for events that are related to your industry. You may need a pay to get into some of them but if you can get good contacts and connect with other professionals, it is money well spent.


Nigeria’s business climate can be tough to navigate, every tested and trusted technique you add can really launch you to where your business can become profitable. DonJazzy is living proof that these techniques work, they could also work for you. Let us know what you think.

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