Swot Solutions, Tourmates And iStarter Hub Are SMEStoriesNG Businesses of The Week

iStarter Hub| Businesses Of The WEEK. SMEStoriesNG

Every Friday, starting today, we will be picking 3-5  small businesses we think you should patronize every week on smestories.com.ng. We will be promoting small businesses from all sectors and industries ranging from tourism, tech, nonprofits, fashion, events, publishing etc. Owners of businesses featured on this weekly tab also stand a chance of being profiled in our Entrepreneur of The Week category. 

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Today,  Friday 17 January 2020, we profile three (3) businesses we think you should patronize

1. Swot Solutions

Swot Solutions is a one-stop offline and online store for your affordable new and UK used laptops, tablets, phones, consoles and tech accessories. Founded in 2007 by Ahmed Abiola, Swot Solutions has delivered solutions to corporate, financial institutions, students, tech enthusiasts Swot Solutions has a growing social media community on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Website – swot.com.ng

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2. Tourmates by AdaTheExplorer:

Tourmates by Ada the Explorer is a business which operates in the tourism sector to provide tour guide services in Nigeria and Africa by extension. Tourmate offers group tours, private tours, corporate retreats, school excursions and travel and tours consultancy of tourist attractions and destinations in Africa.

Tourmates started operations on the 29th of October 2017. We have visited 13 states in Nigeria as a group in just over a year. Our commitment towards contributing to establish Nigeria as a Tourism giant reflects in the zeal and effort we put into curating all our tour packages. Tourmates has a growing WhatsApp and Instagram community.

Website: https://tourmate.com.ng/

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3. iStarter Hub:

iStarter Hub is a social enterprise that is passionate about youth and women empowerment through training, peer-to-peer networking and mentorship especially in the areas of technology, creative designing and entrepreneurship. iStarter Hub provides enabling environment for young people and women to work, learn and collaborate while ensuring that they are running innovative and sustainable businesses.

iStarter Hub programs include practical ICT sessions, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship workshops, Social Advocacy – online and offline peer meets, Career Talks, as well as interactive extra-curricular activities e.g. book reading, are all included in the hub activities to get young people more engaged.

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iStarter Hub| Businesses Of The WEEK. SMEStoriesNG

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