How Your Calendar App Can Be Your Personal Assistant

Shuffling different tasks is not easy, but as a business owner, this painfully is your life. There are so many things you are trying to get done over periods of time. From scheduling meetings and actually making it there on time to remembering to buy foodstuff on your way home on Fridays. The simple exercise of setting time aside to call your loved ones is something a lot of people struggle with. Having a to-do list is great and we published an article some vital things to put on it (Read Here). Your to-do list, unfortunately, does not help you plan for future events. You could be getting so much more done with a calendar as well. You can train and use your calendar to get tasks done like your personal assistant.

Your Calendar helps you make and keep your promises, just like your personal assistant would

When you put tasks on your calendar, for example, scheduling lunch with your associate two weeks in advance. You are indirectly making a promise to yourself with very specific details of what you need to do to make it happen. You have very clear dates and reminders on your calendar and this increases your chances of actually doing it.

Another great thing is you can even set a reminder for your reminder on your calendar. Two days to the lunch you know you should have made arrangements already, you can set a reminder for that.

As a business person, you understand that time is money. If you tell a client or a business partner that you need 20 mins of their time on a particular date. Your calendar not only reminds you of that appointment, it reminds you that you only have 20 mins for your pitch. Because you have subconsciously prepared for just 20 mins, you can maximize the time.

Your calendar helps you get more things done, just like your personal assistant

Try as much as possible to arrange your tasks in categories. Categories like work, home and so on. You can be definite about the things you want to get done in separate aspects of your life. Timestamps are important, each task you should a time frame attached to it. Over the course of a day, a week and so on, you would have completed so many activities, from the chores you have been putting off at home to Saturday morning exercise, you would surprise even yourself.

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These five calendar apps listed below are some of the best apps on Android, ios and web platforms you can install respectively

1. Fantastical 2  Calendar (iOS):

Fantastical Calendar personal assistant

2. Google calendar (Android, iOS)

Google Calendar personal assistant


3. Accompany  Calendar (iOS)

Accompany Calendar personal assistant

4. Outlook Calendar (Android, iOS)

Outlook Calendar personal assistant

5. Zenday (Android, iOS)

Zenday Calendar personal assistant

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