6 Fast Moving Products To Import From China And Sell In Nigeria In 2020

Over the years, China has secured its position as one of the largest and most significant destinations for imports around the world. The Asian economic powerhouse boasts of a wide range of goods, including industrial machines, personal effects, electronics and many more. These goods are produced and sold at affordable prices in China. Moreover, contrary to popular opinion, China produces some of the most qualitative and reliable goods in the world.

Significantly, the best thing about the Chinese industry is that they manufacture goods or products according to local needs and your specification. That being said, here are six fast-moving products to import from China to Nigeria in 2020.

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  1. Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets are probably the most lucrative products you can import from China to Nigeria. Do well to look out for gadgets that are not so popular but can help carry out useful tasks or solve a problem. There are lots of electronic products you can import to the country and make a significant profit. They include washing machines, modern television sets, sound systems, and many more. 

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  1. Fashion Items

Another product to go for is fashion items. In Nigeria, there’s a high demand for affordable fashion items. Most of these items are an original replica and are constantly demanded by students and workers alike. One item you can opt for is wristwatches. Most wristwatches worn by Nigerians are imported from China. Even the ones with big brand names have wristwatches that are manufactured in China and sold at affordable prices in Nigerian markets. 

You can also opt for eyeglasses. China produces a wide range of this product in different shapes, colours and sizes.  Another lucrative fashion import from China to Nigeria is artificial Hairs. This is a fast selling niche in the country, and the demand has peaked over the years. You can also import affordable and trendy pieces of jewellery to Nigeria. 

  1. Children’s Toys

Children’s toys are fast selling products in the country. Best believe you can get them in different sizes and shapes from China. They are also high-quality and sells well during festive or holidays. Children’s toys such as kids’ cars, flying helicopters and bicycles are in high demand. All these any many more will do pretty well in the Nigerian market.  

  1. Kitchen Utensils

Those who cook at home and own restaurants love affordable, useful and modern kitchen utensils. They make the experience much easier, and cooking, a lot faster. Chinese manufacturers constantly produce utensils that are good for the kitchen. These utensils include dishwashers, plate, and spoon racks, deep fryers, stoves, and electric cookers, and many more.

Products to buy from China Sell In Nigeria

5. Laptops and Phones

Everyone knows how big of a deal device like mobile phones and laptops are in the Nigerian market. China is arguably the best place to import affordable and durable smartphones and laptops. Even iPhones can be shipped from China and sold to hundreds of Nigerians. 

6. Security and Tracking Gadgets

These products can earn you millions if you secure a supply contract with` a big firm. You can import security cameras and even tracking devices for security agencies and companies in need. These products are affordable in China.

There you have it! There is no denying the fact that China’s manufacturing sector is one of the biggest in the world. Why not tap into it by importing the products listed above from China to Nigeria in the year 2020?

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