How To Start a Printing Business With N200,000 In Nigeria

Printing Business in Nigeria

There are hundreds of business opportunities that can succeed in Nigeria. Reason being that the country has a large customer-base for budding entrepreneurs. One such business venture that could succeed if set up in the right way is the printing business. The best thing about establishing a printing business in Nigeria is that there are niches and areas of specializations you can benefit from. You can opt for printing posters and banners, custom designs on clothes, book cover designs, and billboard prints and ads for popular brands. That being said, here are some vital steps to follow when you want to start a printing business in Nigeria with a sum of N200,000.

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  1. Research and Market Survey: It’s common knowledge in business that an entrepreneur has to undertake an in-depth study before establishing a business venture. This is also relevant to the printing business. Reason being that there are a lot of printing businesses out there. Before establishing this business, be sure that you can use a computer to print, and you can design or have someone to design patterns before they are printed. You should master how to produce high-quality colour printing in Dots Per Inch. Also, learn to use various printers and software to standout in a competitive market.
  2. Opt for a niche: Creating a niche for your business gives you an upper hand in a competitive sector like printing. There are different specializations under digital printing. They include magazines and books, business cards, t-shirts, signboards, mugs, banners, calendars. Be sure to pick about three specializations for a start.
  3. Equipment and Workspace: Once you’ve selected a niche for your new business, the next course of action is to get the necessary equipment. However, before you think of purchasing these tools, ensure that you have gained knowledge on how to use them. The type, size, and quality of equipment you need largely depend on your specialization. After all, you won’t use the same printer you use for t-shirt or jotter prints for a 3D billboard assignment. Generally, the price range for second-hand printers varies from N100,000 and above. In all, do well to choose printing equipment that suits your workspace, and niche.

Printing Business in Nigeria


In the printing business, you have to get printers that suit the niche you going for. If you want a printer for cheaper designs that can be used over and over again, opt for screen printers. They are great for large orders and are best for assignments that will require up to five colours. New screen printers can be gotten for N1,000,000 and above. Second-hand ones can be a lot cheaper. 

Another type of printer you can purchase for your printing business is heat press or digital ink-jet printers. They are best for small orders and requires less training to get familiar with. You can use this printer for t-shirt printing and other materials. A brand new heat press will cost about N200,00. 

For workspace, if you cannot afford a shop in the early phase of your business, you can start at home. This is advised if you have space and you’re into small scale printing. As your business grows you can save up for a shop ion a buzzing locale.

  1. Marketing and Quality Output: Once the steps listed above are in place, the next step is to market your brand. Utilize the power of social media. Open a website that displays your portfolio and notable works. LinkedIn could also do the trick. Spread the word to family and friends! Not to forget, the best form of marketing is delivering quality work to you a few customers. This will score your referrals and help you grow.

Possible niches in the printing business

Offset printing (printing on paper)— brochures, posters, newspapers, and magazines.

Flexography – food packaging, plastic bags, gift wrap, wallcovering, and magazines.

Screen printing – paper, plastic, metal, fabric and glass.

Gravure printing – artworks and prints, photographic books, and high quantity postage stamps.

Outsourcing in printing

Another way to make money from printing business is by outsourcing printing jobs to seasoned printers. How does this work? Basically, you’ll need to act like a contractor. All you need do is collect printing orders from clients and customers and send to outlets who do bulk printings. If you’re new in the outsourcing game, places like Mushin and Shomolu in Lagos are hubs where you can outsource printing projects.

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