Reading Poetry Might Just Help Make Better Business Decisions

reading poetry business leaders

Many business leaders have been reading poetry to view things differently.

There has been a lot of information floating around about business leaders reading fiction. But poetry might be taking things up a notch.

Many fiction writers relish the opportunity to have their own time. Which is why most stay away from day jobs. These writers like to be set in their ways, to view a world outside the real world. The reality limits creativity somewhat and they run towards spaces where they can escape corporate confines.

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Distinctively, poets have different experiences. Being that they use real-world experiences as their inspiration, they find corporate settings more appealing.

Wallace Stevens the author of  The Emperor of Ice Cream was the VP of an insurance company. He also wrote The Idea of Order at Key West, he won a Pulitzer price. He turned down an offer at Havard University so he could keep his job. If you are in management or run a business, poetry could help you simplify complex situations and unclogged a lot of chaos that you face.

Communication on different levels will become easier if you read more. Reading poetry, on the other hand, might be what you need to decode situations and communicate them with better understanding.

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Making Inspired Decisions

Penelope Trunk wrote on one of her posts, most people can make a good business decision if they have all the relevant data in front of them. But the most successful executives are excellent at making decisions with incomplete information. The less information you need to make a decision, the higher you can rise. Think Elon Musk deciding he can go to the moon. Or Mark Zuckerberg assuming he will be able to get millions of people to use his Harvard dating website.

In the chaotic world of business, you need creativity. When your personnel is inspired, you can diversify your thought process. Straightforward thinking doesn’t allow you to do things differently. When the market begins to change or you don’t have enough information you can dig into your sense of wonder for a solution.


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