These Social Media Tips Can Boost Your Business Marketing

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Social Media Tips – With approximately 2.62 billion social media users online and an expected to rise to over 3 billion people by 2021.

Social media is a perfect inbound marketing tool for businesses, especially those that aspire to expand their audience organically. To accomplish this, it’s imperative to use proven social media methods to create a successful marketing initiative that yields tangible results.

These are some strategies you don’t know about or might have overlooked that actually work:

Using Facebook’s Dynamic Ads.

Creating mobile ads on social media gives prospective customers the opportunity to view and purchase your products conveniently online. Facebook concluded that 49 percent of in-store purchases are influenced by digital engagements.

With Facebook’s Dynamic Ads, businesses can link their ads to their local products. This allows you to customize creative ads based on product inventory catalogues, promotions, and pricing. For example, with Dynamic Ads, a retail store can launch a nationwide sales event happening at every physical location. However, these ads will only display the products that are available at a nearby store. If a particular product sells out in a particular store, everyone in that region will no longer be able to see those advertisements.

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Studying your network.

There are a number of social media networks that can aid your business. However, the advantages they offer differ. You need to research and explore each of them to know the exclusive benefits of each major social media network and whether you should use these networks for your business, this would make sure you spend time and resources on the network(s) that suit your business specifically.

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 Posting often.

Consistent activity on your social media accounts is very important, so you need to post engaging content to keep your audience interested.

According to CoSchedule, the best posting schedules are

  • For Facebook: Post at least once a day between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.
  • For Twitter: Post 15 times per day on Twitter. Try to post at least every one to two hours for maximum effect.
  • For Instagram: It’s recommended to post one to two times per day on Instagram.

Encouraging customers to leave reviews

You can not underestimate the power of online reviews for businesses if you are willing to build online credibility with their customers. As it turns out, 90 percent of consumers consult online reviews before patronizing a business they are exposed to online. In addition, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth recommendations, so you should focus on accumulating positive reviews.

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With rigorous planning and informed investment in social media marketing, coupled with what you now know, your business can experience a massive boost.


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