10 Social Media Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Social Media Manager Mistakes 2

Managing social media accounts can be overwhelming sometimes especially if you are a small business owner who has to juggle other responsibilities with keeping up to date with interactions on your business and personal pages. Below are 10 mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur managing your business social media accounts

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1.  Typographical and grammatical errors: always double-check! Basic and makes a world of difference. Such a hassle too when you gotta correct minor stuff like that. The tone of voice, be sloppy, be unimaginative – NIGGER FOR BIGGER. DON’T FORGET TO PROOFREAD

2. Don’t jump on all trends and memes you are not sure of If you’re not 100% sure of the meme you’re using, don’t use it. Jumping on trends/fads that make no sense for the brand.

3. No Argument: Don’t get into arguments with commenters, if a follower or potential client does not agree with you on certain things, it is best to move the conversation to the DM so you don’t raise eyebrows on your social media platforms.

4. Don’t Be Rigid: Be flexible with content postings: Don’t be afraid to branch out and experiment with content, posting times/schedules. Don’t be too rigid with content and posting hours. Interests and habits change all year and you should also stop overthinking everything. Headline/creative/byline should work together. Trying to knock one of them out of the park won’t help you.

5. Change your business social media password as often as possible: Especially when if you have team members or volunteers helping out with postings. Not changing your password often is a huge risk and mistake you don’t want to make 

6. Take Feedback Seriously but not personally: This is very important especially if you are a small business owner, don’t take every feedback with emotions. Clients and social media followers can be insensitive with feedback most times, always think deeply before you respond. 

7. Don’t answer every comment, it cheapens the brand – If your business has a frequently asked question page, send them there if need be: Also: don’t answer every comment. It cheapens the brand. If you work in an agency, clients will often demand it. I’d advice against it. Don’t comment unless you have something to say. If you comment, it needs to offer value.

8. Avoid Having Business Accounts Logged Into Personal Devices: This is very tricky but mistakes can be avoided if you use different social media apps for your business accounts, you can easily differentiate before cross-posting. This particular mistake can make or mar your business.

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9. Don’t Share When You Are Emotionally Unstable: Life can happen to the best of us, so it is advisable not to share on social media page when you are emotionally unstable, heartbroken or drunk.  Using a content calendar keeps E

10. Don’t Share Low-Resolution Images and Over Use Filters: Tools like pexels.com and unsplash.com give you access to high-resolution stock images for free. Canva.com also gives you the platform to create your graphic designs. With these tools, there will be little or no need for filters for your social media post

Finally, as I said in point one above, using scheduling platforms is a way to go. Planning your content and social media schedules ahead of time helps you free up time for other less mentally exhausting tasks like attending to support tickets, engaging social media audience or even reading up or even learning new skills that could help you get better on the job.  Do all you can to avoid these mistakes

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