How To Start A Fairly Used ‘Okrika’ Business On Instagram With N30,000

Okrika Business Instagram Fairly Used

The increasing rise of social media had translated to the growth of small businesses over the years. After all, popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have given business owners an avenue to directly reach their target market. 

For a small business, one platform that hardly disappoints is Instagram. A research conducted in 2019 revealed that there were 6,972,000 Instagram users in Nigeria. People aged 18 to 35 are the largest users. Having seen these figures, one of the best niches to join as a business owner on Instagram is fashion. 

With the availability of prospective customers, one can start a fairly used clothing (Okrika) business on Instagram. Here are the vital details you need to know.

Reasons why you should start a fairly used clothing business on Instagram

  1. It’s easy to start: Here, you don’t need any experience or technical skills. All you need do is to open an Instagram page for your business and start posting targeted and detailed content. 
  2. Start-up capital is low: Generally, the Okrika business doesn’t require a huge sum of money for starters. If you want to start small, you can get nice items with as little as N15,000. If you want to go big N30,000 to N50,000 will do.
  3. Okrika wears attract buyers: Because Okrika wears are affordable to everyone: students, low-income earners and youths, the demand is high! Moreover, a popular saying that goes: ‘’cheap products attract many buyers.’’ Since these clothes are cheap, more orders will be placed and profit will skyrocket.

Other reasons include the longevity of fairly used clothes, they are trendy and attract attention. All these make the business a great way of cashing out!

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A detailed guide on how to start a fairly used ‘Okrika’ clothing business on Instagram

  1. Buy your first set of Okrika wears
  2. Open a business account with a carefully picked username
  3. Post your first batch of wears and get friends to like and share
  4. Use a great background for the pictures (preferably, white), and prices, size, and relevant tags
  5. Subscribe for an Instagram ad via a sponsored post
  6. Reply comments and DMs
  7. Ensure that you offer quality service and deliver as promised!  
  8. Okrika Business Instagram fairly used 2

The cost of Instagram promotions or ads

To boost your reach on Instagram you have to spread the word about your business. One way to do this besides sharing with family and friends is by utilizing Instagram ads. Now, you will have to pay between 20 cents and $2 per click (CPC) for an Instagram campaign. If your ad is on a cost per mille (CPM) basis, which focuses on impressions, you will likely pay around $5 per 1,000 visitors.

Think you can start this business? Let’s hear from you in the comments.

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