How to Start a Professional Car Wash Business in Nigeria With N1,000,000

Car Wash Business

Car Wash Business – In Nigeria, there are numerous business opportunities that one can venture into to make money. One of such lucrative business ventures is starting a professional car war business. However, before you venture into the business, you have to ascertain how well you know the market, the best location of the business, and whether you have the necessary funds for the business. 

That being said, there are some guidelines and tips you must know and work with before starting a professional car wash business.

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  1. Starting capital: As an entrepreneur, you should know how to pull funds together for your business. For a small scale professional car wash business, a budget close to N200,000 to N500,000 will be enough for initial operation. On the other hand, if you’re looking towards a larger scale, N500,000 to N1,000,000, and even more will do. If you do not have sufficient capital, you can get a loan or start investing beforehand.
  2. Market research: No successful startup is ever formed without thorough research on the business itself, profitability, and competition. Make a survey and visit other car wash outlets to see the number of customers that come in and the equipment they use.
  3. Location: In setting up a car wash business, location matters. The spot you decide to set up your business influence how much you make. Be sure to take your time to search for a convenient space for your business. Go for a spot near the road or close to a busy street. You can also consider a spot that is close to a filling station or a commercial hub. 
  4. Get approval: You can’t start a professional car wash business without inquiries from the authorities. Prepare your document for possible questions. Authorities will be fine if the gutter and drainage system at the location can handle the sewage.
  5. Build a borehole: A borehole is a must-have for any car wash business. Ensure that your business has a stable supply of water in every condition! Moreover, your borehole should be cleaned regularly. 

Car Wash Business 2

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Essentials needed for a professional car wash business

  1. Car wash machine
  2. Overhead tanks for water storage
  3. Generator for power
  4. Car painting-friendly detergents
  5. Brushes, buckets, mops, towels, etc.

A comprehensive car wash business plan

When composing a business plan, ensure that it has the following: 

  • SWOT analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business
  • Target customers: mainstream drivers or high-class car owners
  • Advertisement and promotion: Social media ads, newsletters, and leaflets.
  • Projected expenditure of establishment.

Cost of starting a professional car wash

Note that the cost of starting a car wash business varies according to the size of the business. A modest car wash business requires around N200,000 to N500,000 to begin with.

However, if you want to go large with much more modern equipment, business strategy consultancy, and training, you’ll need close to a million naira.  

Types of car wash machines

  • Compact pressure water car wash machine: It’s basic, compact, easy to use and purchase. Prices range from N60,000 to N120,000.
  • Touchless car wash machine: Here, you don’t need to touch in vehicles. The pressure water and detergents are sprayed from pipes in several angles to clean the car exterior of the car. Prices range from N5 million to N10 million.

There are also automatic bus or truck machines, in bay wash tunnel car wash machines.

In all, do well to identify the location, your target customer-base and financial status to start and invest in a professional car wash business.

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