Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria You Should Know About

Jobs In Nigeria

Have you ever wondered what variety of jobs and crafts actually command the largest payment amounts in the bank? Nigeria’s economy is evidently prominent on both the high paying end and the low paying end. Just as some jobs attract regular amounts of such low amounts when compared to earnings across a wide spectrum some jobs in Nigeria attract very handsome amounts on a regular basis. The immediate majority of these careers require specific certifications and expertise, some also require creative abilities. With an in-depth look into the landscape of the Nigerian workforce, these are 10 of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria currently.

  • Aviation (Aircraft Pilots): Aviation professionals have some of the most attractive salary packages in Nigeria right now. Airline pilots both commercial, private and government are required to handle safe and efficient aircraft navigation. This particular brand of expertise has its own risk factors attached to it and is usually encouragingly rewarded. The commercial pilot has busier schedules and they usually have the most varying paychecks. This is determined by the various airlines/companies. Generally speaking, a pilot earns between N500,000 and N2500,000 on a monthly basis.
  • Investment Banking: Investment bankers are mainly charged with making well-informed advisory based transactions on behalf of stakeholders. Their client lists are usually extensive and they could range from financial services firms, individuals and to governments. As the portfolio of an investment banker expands so does his pay. If the banker is able to manipulate the capital market successfully, making profitable transactions he/she can endear his/herself to their clients. They are able to make between N250,000 and N600,00 monthly.
  • Petroleum Engineering: Petroleum products are still one of the highest selling products around the world, Petroleum engineers are tasked in various stages of petroleum product development. These engineers handle various activities from sourcing to processing of these products. Depending on the organisation, experience and level of expertise, petroleum engineers earn between 400,000 and N1,200,000 on a monthly basis.
  • Surgery: Medical professionals are always in high demand and this is they remain among the most rewarded professionals. Surgeons are given the most complex cases to handle with the most notable of their duties being the surgical operations they carry out. They are respected and regarded as important members of society. The salaries of surgeons vary, depending on workload, station and speciality, they earn between N200,000 and N550,000 monthly.

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  • Software Engineers: As the technology revolution continues to see a steady rise over the years more people look to technological advancements to solve different types of problems. Software engineers and programmer come up with different software packages that are used in various sectors. Software is created for sectors like finance, entertainment, gaming, fitness and much more. Demand for software engineers is always high and this earns them between N150,000 and N350,000 monthly.

Jobs In Nigeria


  • Entertainment: Nigeria’s entertainment industry is one of the most lucrative exports, being accepted across the world. The Music and Movie industries are the biggest players in this sector. The various professions in this facet include movie and video directors, music producers/sounds engineers, singers, actors, editors, screenwriters among others. Professionals usually earn on a project by project basis and their annual earnings carry an immensely large range. From 500,000 to N20,000,000 on a project.
  • Business Director: Business directors and managers are paid handsomely mainly because they are the first point of call for all business activities. This role usually sees them take responsibility for the failure or success of an individual venture. With the implied risk comes an attractive reward for success. Depending on the organisation business directors earn between N180,000 and N800,000 on a monthly basis.
  • Telecoms Engineering: Engineers in this field often work on telecommunication equipment installation and maintenance. Optical fibre cabling, IP networks and transmission systems are some of the day-to-day facilities that they oversee. Telecommunication usually pay engineers impressive amounts, typically between N250,00 and N600,000 a month.
  • Accounting: Accountants are essential parts of every company. Tasks with looking of financial statements and cash flow issues, the profession is widely sought after by Nigerians. Most accountants work either as stand-alone in various firms or in accounting firms. These accounting firms take on duties such as auditing financial books of other companies. They are paid between N120,000 and N500,000.
  • Ethical Hackers: Hackers by definition use their expertise to gain unauthorized access to systems and data. By exploiting vulnerabilities in different systems and networks, they are able to manipulate them for their own gain. Ethical hackers do this to make sure systems are protected. Organisations with classified and sensitive data hire them to plug holes in their networks. By doing this they can block out regular hackers. Ethical hackers earn between N200,000 and N700,000 monthly.

These careers certainly carry a lot of promise when take-home salaries are concerned. The final salary figure depends, however, on a few factors, with company status, job experience, level of expertise being a few. With that being said let us know if they are any other professions you feel should be on this list. You can also let us know which of them you would like to pursue.

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