Top Podcasts For Small Business Owners

Podcasts Entrepreneur business owner

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular these days. You can find podcasts on almost anything, from entertainment to comedy to politics and business. There are quite a number of business-oriented podcats out now where an entrepreneur can learn a lot. You can get useful tips on how to manage your business maximally and how to get the best results. Whether you are on the go or looking for a good way to spend your spare time podcasts are a good way to go. There are however a few noteworthy podcasts that you might want to check out when you can.


How To Start A Startup

How To Start A Startup is an all-round 20 episode podcast series. The show is hosted by Y combinator in collaboration with Stanford University. If you are looking to start a start-up anytime soon, you will find this resource very useful. You’ll get features lectures from Paul Graham, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, Dustin Moskowitz, Marissa Mayer, Ben Silbermann, Alfred Lin, Ron Conway, Kevin Hale and many more.


I Make a Living

I Make a Living centres around people working as freelancers, small business owners or entrepreneurs, basically people who work for themselves. They take on topics that revolve around the community of people who are their own bosses, taking up conversations on what entrepreneurship means to individuals. The podcast also helps entrepreneurs create their own path and avoid common mistakes as they go along.

Podcasts Entrepreneur business owner


Entrepreneurs on Fire

This podcast is hosted by John Lee Dumas. Recording over 2.000 episodes till date, Entrepreneurs on Fire is an award-winning show. In the show, John interviews guests who are set on inspiring a generation of aspiring entrepreneurs. The show provides insight into what it takes to succeed in business as well as provides advice for achieving financial freedom.


Marketing School

Marketing School is hosted by marketing experts  Neil Patel and Eric Siu. On this show, you will get useful tips on blogging, social media, SEO and all forms of internet marketing in general. Neil Patel who is a successful internet marketer himself together with Eric Siu packages great content into 7-10 minute episodes. You’ll definitely be up to date with the latest marketing techniques and strategies with this show.

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 Smart Brand Marketing

5. Smart Brand Marketing Podcast. On this show, Tom Libeit conducts interviews with small business experts, Peter Shankman, Tiffany Bova, and John Lawson. They share knowledge on what has personally worked for them and helped them succeed in business.


The EntreLeadership Podcast

6. The EntreLeadership Podcast. This podcast teaches business owners how to grow themselves, the people around them and how to make their businesses more profitable. Here you’ll find practical examples of digging into the core of business activities. Host Ken Coleman also interviews proven entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban and Chris Hogan.



Keeping your business in top shape is very important. This only means you have to be on top of a lot of things like marketing and management. Listening to podcasts can provide you with the knowledge you to grow your business. You should give these podcasts a try. You can also share the ones you find very useful with your partners and employees. Shared knowledge can really help your unit grow together and this spells good things for your business.

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